About Us

With a Professional equipment and a clear commercial philosophy orientated to the customer, it has allowed to consolidate us as one of the most innovative companies of the sector.

Today, after the progressive development with the introduction of different automatisms in the production processes, We reached the marketing, the technological research of different materials, the most exclusive design and new products packaging system.

From the procurement of raw materials to packing, all the phases of the process are conducted under the same roof. This ensures and facilitates our interference at any stage of the process, which makes it possible for us to achieve perfection. Our technical personnel can attain custom manufacturing of any degree of technicality, ranging from the slightest variations to complete redesigning and production of entirely new items.

This new catalogue presents the most used instruments in ophthalmic procedures and includes the innovations that have been recently introduced to the market. Inclosing I hope you will find everything in this catalogue and most of all you will be fully satisfied with our products.
Sincerely yours,
Muhammad Asif Bunce
CEO Asuzna Instruments