AI 5836

AI 5836

AI 5836

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Irrigation Handpieces
with female connector, blue color
AI 5836: 23G, dual 0.3mm side ports
AI 5838: 22G, dual 0.4mm side ports, oval
AI 5840: 21G, dual 0.5mm side ports
Aspiration Handpieces
with male connector, side port facing into curve
AI 5804: 23G, 0.3mm port
AI 5805: 23G, 0.3mm port, textured tip
AI 5810: 21G, 0.35mm port
AI 5811: 21G, 0.35mm port, textured tip
AI 5815: 21G, 0.4mm port, textured tip
AI 5816: 22G, 0.3mm port, oval
AI 5817: 22G, 0.3mm port, oval, textured tip
AI 5822: 20G, 0.3mm port, oval


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